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Department of Law, Philosophy and Economic Studies

The Department of Juridical and Economic Studies (DSGE) was established by Rectoral Decree No. 1640-29.5.19. He succeeds the Department of Juridical, Philosophical and Economic Studies (DIGEF) which was established in 2010.
The institutional tasks of the DSGE are the promotion and coordination of research activities in the legal and economic fields.
The Department is responsible for the organization and management of educational activities.
The DSGE defines the objectives to be achieved during the year, elaborates the three-year research activity plan, proposes the didactic organization and the relative modifications of the study courses, proposes the activation of research doctorates, masters, high-level training activities. Furthermore, the scientific activity of the Department takes the form of organizing seminars, conferences and study days.
The Department is endowed with organizational and administrative autonomy with regard to all the contractual and conventional expenditure measures.

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