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The legal-criminal school of application in Rome: between didactics and ideology

The aim of the project is to catalogue and digitize (with the help of a professional photographer) the recently found teaching materials relating to the course on 'Criminal Investigation Techniques' (held by Prof. Alfredo Niceforo at the “legal-criminal school of application”, established by Enrico Ferri in 1911 at the Sapienza University in Rome). Historians and legal scholars are involved in the project who will help place the catalogued materials historically, culturally, and legally in the context of the birth of the 1913 Code of Criminal Procedure. The project, financed by the University, will lead to a scientific publication that will be presented in a final conference. Also, during the final conference, an exhibition of the retrieved and digitally restored material will be organized.

Teacher: Prof. Valerio Aiuti  - Role: Manager - Type of project: Internal


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