The Department consists of the Council, the Director, and the Board. The Department Director is assisted, in managing the Department's activities, by the Administrative Secretary, who is responsible for the Administrative Office and coordinates administrative and accounting activities, assuming joint responsibility with the Director for the consequent actions. The Department regulations, the Three-Year Strategic Plans, and the regulations for the use of the Rocco Room can be found on the documents page.


Prof. Filippo Reganati, Full Professor of Economics (ECON-01/A) -


Department Board:

-   Prof. Massimo Donini, Full Professor -
-   Prof. Alessandra Gianelli, Full Professor -
-   Prof. Cesare Pinelli, Full Professor -
-   Prof. Angelo Castaldo, Associate Professor -
-   Prof. Emanuele Cimiotta, Associate Professor -
-   Prof. Elisa Olivito, Associate Professor -
-   Prof. Valerio Aiuti, Researcher -
-   Prof. Dario Martire, Researcher - dario.martire@uniroma1.i
-   Prof. Giorgia Marini, Researcher –
-   Dr. Antonello Cincotta, TAB staff -
-   Dr. Emanuele Fallani, TAB staff -
-   Dr. Raffaele Scalamandrè, TAB staff -


Administrative Secretary:

-   Dr. Margherita Marocchini -


Department Council (see 'People'):

The Department Council consists of tenured professors, researchers (including fixed-term researchers and equivalent personnel), the Administrative Secretary (who acts as the recording secretary), representatives of the technical-administrative staff, and student representatives: PhD students and students enrolled in the master's degree programs related to the Department's main field, as well as representatives of scholarship holders, research grant holders, or researchers on multi-year contracts operating within the Department.

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