Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Dialogues on legality

The initiative promotes the sharing of constitutional principles and commitment against mafias and violence. The course, carried out with the collaboration of students, teachers and representatives, benefits from the participation of testimonials who, in a dialogic perspective, solicit inter- and trans-disciplinary reflections on the themes of legality as applicable to all spheres of knowledge (medicine, social sciences, humanities, engineering, architecture, IT, etc.).

Teacher: Prof. Pasquale Bronzo - Role: Participant - Type of project: External

Prison and diversity. a project for the recognition of imprisoned diversities

The project investigates the issue of diversity within prison by proposing an updated reflection, with the possible elaboration of soft law tools (guidelines) and good practices for the prison administration. The aim is to deepen awareness of the 'double punishment' that prisoners with a personal condition at risk of marginality and discrimination incur. Numerous studies have shown that the detention condition itself tends to aggravate individual weaknesses or frailties. During the deprivation of liberty, persons belonging to a 'minority' or to a 'group'at risk of exclusion thus see their weaknesses amplified by the imprisonment (e.g. the complex condition of women, conditions linked to sexual orientation and gender identity, but even more so to disability, age or ethnic and racial affiliation or the profession of a minority religion, which can further weaken the legal status of convicts).

Teacher: Prof. Pasquale Bronzo - Role: Manager - Type of project: Internal

For a fundamental theatre

The project aims at activating an integrated theatre training workshop for citizens, students of Sapienza University of Rome, convicts in alternative measures and former convicts of the territory of Roma Capitale and of the Lazio Region (minors, young adults, adults) and social theatre operators. The initiative continues the long-standing cooperation between Sapienza University of Rome and Fort Apache Cinema Theatre, the only national structure that directs its training and production activities outside penal institutions, working on the construction of social and professional reintegration paths in the Performing Arts System aimed at former convicts and convicts on alternative measures. The Project is also part of the cultural offer linked to the PUP-Sapienza University Prison Pole, with a view to structuring also outside prison walls an assisted, institutional and participatory training and inclusive pathway that becomes the crossroads between Prison and Society and constitutes a virtuous model of structured reception unique in Italy and in Europe. At the end of the project, in collaboration with  Aenigma - National Coordination of Theatre and Prison, the results obtained will be presented and a comparison of possible future developments will be proposed at a conference. As part of the project, in cooperation with the Fondazione Campania Teatro Festival, a educational experience aimed at creating a teaching system dedicated to social theatre operators will be set up.

Teacher: Prof. Pasquale Bronzo - Role: Participant - Type of project: External


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