Lifelong Learning and Placement


Training course for penal mediators and restorative justice practitioners

Sapienza participates, by virtue of a scientific cooperation agreement with the Spondé Association ONLUS, an agency authorized for continuous training by the National Council of the Order of Social Workers, in training courses and refresher courses for criminal mediators and restorative justice practitioners. The Association has an agreement with the University of Palermo and the University of Rome "La Sapienza" The Universities guarantee scientific support and collaboration in teaching, analysis, and research.

Teacher: Prof. Pasquale Bronzo - Role: Participant - Type of project: External

Framework Agreement between INAIL and Sapienza University of Rome

Third Mission activities concern joint participation in national and international research calls and collaboration in teaching activities, training placements, knowledge dissemination, information and training. In addition, the research projects carried out lend themselves to forming the basis for advanced training courses and initiatives to raise awareness and disseminate results in order to raise social awareness of occupational health and safety (OSH) investments. The data collected and the evidence produced are suitable to stimulate an inter-institutional debate centered on the organisation of tables with employer's associations and trade unions in the sector to monitor the phenomenon of accidents at work and to deliberate on joint initiatives and policy proposals to counter its development.

Teacher: Prof. Angelo Castaldo  - Role: Participant - Type of project: External


Prof. Massimo Donini participated in three permanent training and open teaching activities. Prof. Marco Gambardella collaborated with the Advanced School of the Judiciary in Scandicci on permanent training activities for magistrates (two seminars: The sequence of criminal and procedural laws over time, Crimes against the Public Administration). Prof. Nadia Elvira La Rocca participated free of charge in several sessions devoted to lawyer training.


Teacher: Prof. Massimo Donini - Role:
Teacher - Type of project: External Teacher: Prof. Marco Gambardella - Role:
Teacher - Type of project: External Teacher: Prof. Elvira Nadia La Rocca - Role: Teacher - Type of project: External

Building citizenship: participation, legality, solidarity

Reduction of inequalities and the promotion of social inclusion are the main areas of action of the project. The project aims at developing a course of active citizenship that promotes, through the initiatives of the professors of the Department and the project partner associations, the active involvement of secondary schools in peripheral Roman neighbourhoods. The aim is to disseminate a culture of legality, participation, and solidarity in areas with a low per capita income, a fragile social fabric and fewer development prospects, sharing the benefits of higher education and research in order to promote the implementation of the integration paths necessary to overcome the territorial gaps within the city.

Teacher: Prof. Cesare Pinelli - Role: Manager - Type of project: Internal

For a needed theatre: university, prison and school


CON Sapienza: social and psychological inclusion pathways for the migrant population



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